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Westchester Asian Film Alliance (WAFA) April Event

Despite the chilly weather on Saturday, April 20th, the April WAFA event at Scarsdale Library attracted over 65 residents from Westchester. This monthly event is organized by OCA-WHV youth member Jayden Cao, Vice President of OCA-WHV Youth Programs Bing Dang, and the Scarsdale Public Library.

The featured film was Wolf Totem (2015). Based on the semi-autobiographical novel by the same name, the film tells the story of an urban student during the Chinese Cultural Revolution who travels to Inner Mongolia to teach shepherds about agriculture. During his stay, he forms bonds with the local people and becomes fascinated by the wolves roaming the grasslands. Reflecting on the experiences of the "sent-down youths" in Mongolia prompts us to contemplate humanity, the relationship between humans and nature, and Chinese culture/history. The movie's usage of real and living wolves during the filming process is another element worth highlighting.

After the movie ended, many people stayed and shared their insights. One audience member commented, "It's the first time I've watched a movie related to the life of youth during the Cultural Revolution. It was excellent. I hope the next event comes sooner. "

With OCA-WHV's continuous support, this event takes place on the second or third Saturday afternoon every month (since August, 2023), and traditional Asian snacks are served. For information about future screenings, please visit to the Scarsdale Public Library website.


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