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Mentoring Asian Pacific Professionals(MAPP)

The MAPP program aims to cultivate the next generation of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) professional leaders through mentoring, skills building, and networking. The program pairs young professionals and college students with experienced mentors and provides the foundation for an effective and valuable mentoring relationship, as well as guided group mentoring sessions designed to help participants achieve their highest professional and personal goals.

  • MAPP is a 1.5-month long program with four one-on-one mentoring meetings and three group mentoring sessions, which help participants build essential skills such as networking, career planning, and effective communication. The MAPP Handbook, provided to each mentor and mentee, serves as a guide to developing an effective and supportive mentoring relationship and contains valuable resources for participants.

Be a MAPP mentee if you...

  • Are a senior college student, a recent graduate, young professional, or a professional changing careers.

  • Meet your mentor four times outside of group sessions.

  • Want to broaden your network, learn how to reach your professional goals, learn from more experienced professionals, and/or become involved with the AAPI community in your area.

Be a MAPP mentor if you...

  • Have at least five years of experience in your field.

  • Meet with your mentee four times outside of group mentoring sessions.

  • Are enthusiastic about meeting and uplifting the next generation of AAPI leaders.

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