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New Bridges Coalition Diversity and Inclusion Lunch and Learn

On April 21 at Ridge Road Park in Hartsdale, fifty members from the seven New Bridges Coalition

organizations met and bonded over the food of many cultures. The goal of the event was for attendees to make friends with people that didn't look like them and find out that we all have points of commonality. Each of the nine tables had discussion questions that got people to think about issues of racism, belonging, and how to build relationships with others of different backgrounds. We observed wonderful interactions at each and every table.

The event also honored the late Robert "Bob" Shyun-Jing Chao, our past OCA-WHV president, and one of the founders of the New Bridges Coalition. His vision was to create and nurture cordial ties of friendship among the Asian American, African American, and the many other diverse groups in our community.

The New Bridges Coalition is a joint project of several not-for-profit groups in the Greater New York area, including OCA-WHV, African-American Men of Westchester, the Japanese American Association of New York, India Center of Westchester, NAACP Greenburgh-White Plains, The Urban League of Westchester, and Westchester County Human Rights Commission. As well, guests from Sikhs of Westchester and Yonkers Gurdwara joined us and added to the richness and diversity of experiences represented that day.


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