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Westchester Asian Film Alliance (WAFA)

The Westchester Asian Film Alliance (WAFA) employs the creative medium of film to promote awareness of Asian culture. Films that reflect Asian traditions and cultural elements are screened on a monthly basis in a growing network of Westchester public libraries. WAFA is proud to host these current member libraries: 

  • Scarsdale Public Library

  • Chappaqua Public Library 

  • Ardsley Public Library

  • Eastchester Public Library

  • Greenburgh Public Library

  • Armonk Public Library

WAFA believes in the power of movies to bring communities together in a culturally diverse and safe environment. For Asian Americans, WAFA provides a familiar opportunity to reconnect with their language and culture. For members of all other ethnicities, WAFA offers a creative platform for cultural exchange and engaging learning. 


To preserve originality, WAFA screens movies in their native language. English subtitles are accordingly provided to accommodate all viewers. Each WAFA always begins with an introduction and discussion of the film, which fosters understanding and cultural competency.

Program History

At the 2022 Chappaqua Community Day, Jayden brought up a concern he had to Chappaqua Library Program Coordinator Joan Khun: the town and library have little, if any, activities or programs related to Asian culture. That day, the Chappaqua Library booth just happened to be donating free movies and CDs. Looking at the CDs, Jayden wondered: Why not invite more people to appreciate Asian culture through films? Hence, Jayden initiated the Westchester Asian Film Alliance (then casually named “Asian Movie Series”) with Joan.


With support from Joan, OCA-Westchester and Hudson Valley Chapter, and Huaxia New York Central Chinese School, the first WAFA event took place on February 3rd, 2023. From then on, the popularity of WAFA trended upward at an impressive speed. Even a forced change of location (due to theater renovation) from the Chappaqua Library to the Scarsdale Library did not reduce the audience size. 


Under the continuous support of Scarsdale Programming Librarian David Sadoff, WAFA began to take place on a monthly basis at Scarsdale Public Library and became a staple program in the Scarsdale community. The Scarsdale audience consisted not only of local residents but also viewers from the Bronx, Briarcliff Manor, Eastchester, and numerous other Westchester towns. Motivated by the enthusiastic and fastly-growing audience, Jayden began expanding WAFA to more locations. Having amassed six member libraries today, Jayden is still working to establish more locations—local and national—for WAFA. 

Founder Biography - Jayden Cao

​Jayden Cao is a senior at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, New York. He was born in Beijing, China, where he spent the first twelve years of his life. In 2019, Jayden moved to the United States as a 6th grade student. Having attended a traditional Chinese elementary school, Jayden had to learn English virtually from scratch. His language and cultural learning experience has since then fostered his passion for reading, writing, and cultural advocacy. In school, Jayden is a peer leader and the Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper. Outside of school, Jayden enjoys playing basketball, golf, and listening to Chinese rock music. 

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