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President's Circle Initiative

The PCI program successfully helped OCA chapters in the past years. It is an opportunity for OCA-WHV to receive funds to cover our projects!


You are invited to make contributions to the program and help more meaningful OCA projects in the future.

Last year, 4 OCA chapters – Greater Tucson, East Bay, San Diego, and Greater Cleveland – submitted proposals and pitched their projects to PCI members at the 2023 OCA 50th Anniversary National Convention. Ultimately, PCI voting members voted to fully fund two chapters' proposals and partially fund a third chapter’s proposal. PCI funds that were awarded to chapters promoted mental health awareness (Tucson), strengthened community land ownership (East Bay), and developed scholarships and activity funds for AANHPI student organizations (San Diego).  


OCA National Center highly encourages the Westchester-Hudson Valley chapter to participate in the PCI. This is a great chance for your chapter to receive funds for projects that our chapter already implements!


Chapter proposal applications are now live, and they are continuing to fund chapter initiatives related to community building and advocacy. We may apply and submit  proposal at through May 31.


To submit a proposal, chapters must have a funder, or funders, in the circle who pledges a minimum of $1,000. More information on pledges can be found at

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