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Seniors' Craft Circle in Mt. Vernon

As part of a community building initiative, OCA-WHV helped sponsor and organize a first-ever Craft Circle for the seniors of Sunnybrook and Intown Towers in Mt. Vernon. Chacha Menzel, from the management of Sunnybrook and Intown Towers, graciously supplied the room, coffee, and snacks, while OCA supplied hors d'oeuvres, yarn, needles, and patterns. The seniors (some of whom discussed origins from many countries including Korea, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic, while others proudly noted that they were descended from several generations of Mt. Vernon residents) introduced themselves to each other and enjoyed chatting and making friends, as they knitted and crocheted. Jeanhee Chung (from the OCA-WHV Executive Board) and OCA volunteers taught knitting and crochet to a few seniors, while all marveled at the expert work produced by others. The event was such a success that the seniors have decided that they will meet on a regular basis! OCA will return in May.


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