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Movie “Sight” Pre-release Screening at Scarsdale Library

On January 27th, 2024, Dr. Ming Wang—a renowned Chinese eye surgeon—visited the Scarsdale Public Library as a stop in his tour around the nation. During the event, Dr. Wang screened the currently unreleased Hollywood film Sight while bringing a very clear message: It is time for Chinese Americans to stand up and receive the recognition we deserve. 

Based on true events, Sight tells of the inspirational story of Dr. Wang discovering the amniotic membrane contact lens—a revolutionary tool to help sight-impaired patients to restore their vision. Despite setbacks and failed treatments, Dr. Wang persevered to navigate trials and errors, ultimately succeeding in his treatment. He truly manifested the slogan of the movie: From Sight to Darkness. 

Unfortunately, Dr. Wang revealed that the award-winning status of Sight did not prevent multiple Hollywood media companies from rejecting its release. As suggested by Dr. Wang, any Chinese movie that does not feature Kung Fu would not be profitable for film companies. This is precisely the motivation behind Dr. Wang’s attempt to secure the release of the film by traveling across the country. 

Co-hosted by the Scarsdale Chinese Association and the OCA-WHV, the event was a great success. The Scott Room at Scarsdale Public Library was packed with an expectant audience; many bought Dr. Wang’s autobiography From Darkness to Sight to donate to vision research, and others signed their names in amassing support for the film’s release. After the film ended, Dr. Wang gave a touching speech about his research experience and personal beliefs. 

Thanks to the support of the Chinese American community around the country, the American independent media company Angel Studios acquired the rights to release Sight on a worldwide basis on February 2nd, 2024. There is no doubt that the film will inspire the next generation of Chinese Americans to stand up for themselves and fight for their representation.


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