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Bing Dang

Dr. Dang is very passionate about community services. He has contributed to numerous OCA programs and events such as the Slater Center Food Pantry, Asian American Heritage Festival, AAPI Teen Podcasts, APA-Y Advocate Student Leadership Training, Mentoring Asian Pacific Professionals, AAPI History Research and Education Advocacy, OCA Internship Grant application, etc. Currently, he is leading the Youth Programs, where he guides a group of YOCA volunteers and OCA interns to plan and execute AAPI Youth community projects. He also actively participates in various OCA sponsored events. In addition to OCA-WHV, Dr. Dang also is serving as the Chair of the Board of Directors at Huaxia New York Central Chinese School. Dr. Dang is the Manager of the Digital Health Engineering Group at IBM Research, where he is also a Principal Investigator, a Senior Research Scientist, a Global Digital Health Research Challenge Lead. He is an IBM Master Inventor and a Senior Member of IEEE.

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